Some employees just do what they need to do, and they never seem to have a bad day. Since this kind of employee is fairly rare in the world of today, proper motivation to energize and spark your employees is required to get the most out of them. Doing so often results in a smoothly running business, so it’s worth investing a few moments in figuring out how to make your employees more devoted to their jobs.

So what makes an employee do their best for you? Usually making an employee more spirited involves a number of things, and most of them are very simple. Here are a couple you can implement in just a few days to help your employees work harder for you.

Start With Making It Completely Clear How Vital They Are at Your Company

Many employees at bigger companies get “lost in the mix” and don’t even know how their work provides contributes to the grand scheme of things. However, if you can help an employee understand what their part is in the bigger picture then most of the time they'll feel more enthused about their job. Let them know that you’ll measure their progress and make clear what you expect since they are so crucial in the company’s infrastructure.

When They Do Something Good, Recognize Them in Front of Everyone

Employees deserve to be recognized for all of the good things they do. When contributions or accomplishments are exceptionally impressive, then praising the employee publically usually makes them feel pretty good about what they have done for the company. It may motivate other employees that want to get the same praise to do better as well.

Don’t Always Be All Business, No Play

Work is work, and getting it done is the backbone of your business, but sometimes people just need to relax. Go do something that will produce more relaxed employees and grow the personal relationship between office mates. A hike through the woods on company time that involves a motivational lecture at the end can be a good choice. You can even arrange a bowling event that allows you all to play at a team against a different office.

Enthusiasm in your team can sometimes be hard to maintain, but when you do strike a balance that keeps up the morale of your office crew, your employees will do a much more successful job.