Charismatic people just have something about them. You know they’re in your presence when you walk into a room. They’re probably deeply engaged in conversation with one person, and they’re always engaging. If you want to be more charismatic, check out the tips below.

They Don't Play with Toys while Speaking to People

Charismatic people have phones, gadgets, and often they even have nice cars and fun things to play with. But when one of these charismatic people is talking to you, they don't look at their phones or computers or act like they have to go to their next meeting in the next ten minutes. They don't focus on anything else, even for a second. Every second they focus on something else, they know it's a missed opportunity to make a connection with the person that they're with. It's hard to connect with other people while you're connected to the Internet via your phone or other mobile device. Your full attention is a gift - and it's one you should give to every client (and person) in your life. Not many do give this gift. And it alone will make others desire to be around you at all times.

They Always Give Before They Receive

Charismatic people never think about what's in it for them (even if there is something in it for them). What they do think about, however, is how what they have can benefit someone else. They focus on what they can provide to others. Why? Because they know that giving is one of the only ways to form a connection with someone. Even if you just do it for a moment, focus on what the other person may need or can use. If you focus on what you can get from that person, even for a moment, you will ultimately show that the only person you care about is you.