zzzzz1030717_people_1It’s okay to admit that sometimes you work too hard and you drive your office to work too hard as well. We all do things we know we shouldn’t, and we also know that our employees are there to help us drive our company to success. However, that doesn’t mean we should constantly be making them work when they have other things to do. When we push our employees too hard, sometimes we might find that we burn them out and they feel less inclined to work hard for us (if they choose to work for us at all). Here are a couple of ways to boost that office spirit.

Ask Around

If you’ve got an honest, open office then you’ll be able to find out who’s feeling bad by just asking around. Communication is important in an office, and if you’ve fostered the idea that people can come to you when they need something or feel poorly, then low morale will be easy to identify.

Otherwise, you may have to start asking customers about how they perceive your employees. When you can’t ask them, go online and see what they’re saying about your company in public forums, on Twitter and Facebook, and through other means of communication.

Boost Morale Through Talking

The first thing you need to start doing is having morning huddles. They may seem corny to a lot of employers, but they are often one of the most helpful tools in helping employees feel better about themselves and each other. Talk about sales and have a positive quote of the day. Recognize the hard workers and those who have done the best job this week at every meaning. End with a cheerful group chant or motivational speech.