Ten years ago, creating a website people liked meant lots of flash videos, little GIF cartoons, and big colorful fonts. Times have certainly changed in the past few years, and now users want the polar opposite of what they wanted ten years ago. Now instead of over-populated sites, they want classy layouts, easy to read fonts, and simple navigation. Here are some other tips on how you can create a website that everyone will enjoy.

Make Search Tools Obvious

When a user is a little lost and they want to find something, they will immediately look for a search tool on your website. If you haven’t made it obvious, you may lose a customer then and there. Make your search function easy to find and place it somewhere that a user can’t miss it. Usually, the top of the page underneath your header is a good place to put it; it’s automatically where many Internet users will go to find something.

Three Click Rule

Some shoppers are more tolerant than others, but most will only give a website three or four clicks before they leave to find one that’s easier to understand. Make sure a customer can access what they’re looking to buy in less than five clicks – preferably three. It should go something like this: click on the search bar, then the search button, then the item, and finally “purchase”.

Create Content that Matters

Create some unique content that will educate your buyers. Blogs, articles, and other content will improve your ranking on search engines, and will be popular with any clients looking for information on how to do something specific. For example, if you run a cheese website, including an article on your website called “how to choose the cheese for you” would be helpful for almost anyone looking to try some new cheeses.