gadgets-336635_640There's not a week that goes by that we aren't blessed, or bombarded, depending on your point of view, with a variety of fantastic new innovations. The pace of change in our modern world is simply blistering. Here, in no particular order, are just a few of the new devices that are scheduled to hit the stores and retail web sites any time now.

The Smart Cup

By now, you've heard all about the internet of objects, and the Smart Cup is definitely a part of that family. It takes the humble, mundane act of drinking to a whole new level. Your cup can monitor your total daily fluid intake, tell you when you've reached your daily recommended limit, and even recognize what liquids you pour into it. Since it recognizes them, it can tell you how many calories you're drinking and give you the running total. A very smart cup indeed!

Long Distance Aid

Brought to you by the Holon Institute of Technology, these devices can help ease the pain of being physically far from the one you love. Our favorite device is built in two parts. When the sender holds the device to his or her chest, the receiver will flutter to let the long distance love know they are being thought of. Perhaps not the most practical of devices, but sweet and endearing.

The Battery Bracelet

This takes wearable computers in a whole new direction that's great to see. It is one of those “why didn't I think of that,” ideas. Longer battery life is always in high demand, and this tech seeks to remedy that problem by giving you a wearable spare. When you don't need it, it's sitting on your wrist, looking like the piece of designer jewelry that it is. When you need it as a power source, however, it's mere seconds away from fulfilling that role. Bravo! We like this well conceived, well executed idea.

Glass Solar Panels

This is huge; seriously, the importance of this great invention cannot be overstated, because it basically means that anywhere we've got windows, we can now have solar panels. That opens up a ton of possibilities that just didn't exist before last week. This is a globe changing, paradigm shifting technology, and deserves an article in its own right, in ways that, say, the Smart Cup, just can't touch.

The Bluetooth Padlock

The Noke Bluetooth is a padlock for this century. Rather than having a key or a combination, the key is digital, and lives on your handheld device. When you bring the two together, you get an unlocked lock. If you don't, the thing stays locked. There are, of course, manual override features in the event that the padlock's battery dies, or you lose the phone, and that's excellent, because this is a seriously cool piece of tech. The best part? This was another of the innumerable great ideas that got their start and all their funding from Kickstarter. It underscores the point that if you're not regularly trolling Kickstarter and related sites for ideas, you're missing out on some great investment and business opportunities.