Many people see the act of backing up your personal computer as being a time-intensive, annoying process. Unfortunately, the risks of not performing regular backups are far worse than the bit of time it takes to backup. In this video, we’ll outline three compelling reasons why you should backup your personal computer, coming up next…

We get it: Performing a backup of your home computer can be annoying. Unfortunately, the only thing worse than taking the time to back your system up is realizing you just lost some files you can’t live without. While there are tons of reasons to back your system up regularly, here are the big three:

Number 1) Your photo collection – Most people have hundreds, if not thousands of digital photos. Forget the family photo album, these days, we keep all our memories in digital form. Unfortunately, if you don’t perform regular backups, you’re one disaster away from losing those memories forever.

Number 2) Defense against a catastrophic hardware failure – Computer hardware is fairly robust, but it’s not indestructible. One severe storm, one direct hit on your home by a lightning strike and you could lose your entire system. If you haven’t made a backup in a very long time, that means all your data is gone too, in the blink of an eye.

Number 3) Viruses/Ransomware/Malware – It doesn’t matter how careful you are, sooner or later, your system is going to wind up with a virus or other form of malware on it. You may even wind up being the victim of a hacking or ransomware attack and again, if you haven’t backed your system up, you stand a very real chance of losing all your files.

The bottom line is that it’s not a question of if something will go wrong with your PC, it’s a matter of when. Don’t put your important files at risk. Back up your system today. If have questions about automating backups for your computers, give our team a call. We’re glad to help.

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