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According to Google, Government Censorship is “Alarmingly High”

In the past six months, Google has received more than 1,000 government requests – from governments around the world – to remove links such as search listings and YouTube videos. The search ...

Stay Clear of These Common Sales Mistakes

There are some pretty easy ways to completely destroy your relationship with a client before it even starts. Ruining a sale can also mean ruining your reputation, so it’s important that ...

Nokia Proposes 10,000 Layoffs

By the end of 2012, Nokia plans to be 10,000 employees lighter. The company announced the planned layoffs during a press conference earlier this morning. The company is “rescaling” their operation and ...

How to Make Scheduling Easy

Scheduling is part of the business life, and sometimes it can be a real pain. Everyone has to schedule, and everyone has encountered frustration with doing so. The truth is that tons ...

Amazon’s Cloud Storage Reaches 1 Trillion Files

Amazon’s S3 storage system launched in 2006. Since then, a trillion files have been uploaded onto the service. Jeff Barr, Amazon blog writer, stated that “that’s 142 objects for every person on ...

MacBook Air Gets an Overhaul

The biggest feature that has been focused on about the 2012 MacBook Air is the anticipated silicon upgrade, which boasts “up to 60% faster graphics.” However, there are tons of little changes ...

44,000 Credit Card Numbers Stolen – and It’s Not Over Yet

A Dutchman was accused this week of stealing more than 44,000 credit card numbers. He stood in front of the U.S. federal court and pled not guilty, and the outcome of the ...

Apple: Taking Over All of the Screens in Your Home

Apple started out as a small company with small ideas. In the past decade, however, the company has flourished and become one of the biggest phone, computer, tablet and music-player companies on ...

Usage of Tablets Doubles in a Single Year

The iPad was released a little over two years ago, and all it’s done for Apple since then is make them a lot of money. 25% of smartphone users now own or ...

RIM Discontinues 16GBlackBerry PlayBook

RIM’s 16GB PlayBook isn’t generating enough revenue with its price tag of $199, so the company has decided to discontinue it completely. However, RIM does plan to continue to manufacture the 32GB ...


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