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450,000 Credentials Stolen and Posted from Yahoo

Hackers who recently stole nearly half a million pieces of information from Yahoo said they intended for the breach to be a “wake-up call” to companies that aren’t investing enough in security. ...

Revamp Details of Twitter’s Mobile Overhaul are Live

The project of revamping Twitter for mobile Web took hundreds of days of long work and longer nights. However, Twitter is proud to announce that they have finally completed the undertaking of ...

Verizon Considering “Editing” Customers’ Internet Access

Verizon is considering changing the way their customers view the Internet on any device on their network. Initially, the company plans on prioritizing search results. If the change goes over well with ...

Most Employees Expect to Have to Work on Vacation

These days, we have the ability to contact people anywhere they are, at any time, through just about any medium we want. This has significantly changed the idea of vacationing over the ...

Internet Blacklist Law Approved in Russia

Russian Parliament came to a decision on a controversial bill on Internet censorship yesterday. A bill that would blacklist and block websites that supported “illegal activities” was approved, much to the anger ...

Vancouver Hotel to Replace Corded Guest Telephones with the iPhone 4

Vancouver Hotel, located in Canada, is starting the process next week of switching all of the phones in their hotel rooms to iPhone 4’s. The hotel hopes that this change will make ...

RIM’s BlackBerry 10 May Save the Company After All

The BlackBerry 10 is now planned for a release early next year, which makes it just about eight months late on delivery. Considering all of the other problems Research in Motion has ...

WikiLeaks “Embarrasses” Syria with Two Million E-mails

WikiLeaks, a group that specializes in revealing large secrets that companies and governments keep, has started the process of publishing some two million e-mails take from Syrian ministries, companies, and political figures. ...

Ban Temporarily Lifted on Nexus

The back-and-forth on the ban on the Galaxy Nexus has gone astoundingly fast. As of today, the ban has been temporarily lifted after a long and pricy battle in court. However, Apple ...

Take These Steps to Ensure You Will Still Have Internet Access after July 9th

For several months now, the FBI has been running Internet servers that were previously designed to steal information known as the DNSChanger servers. Instead of contacting a secure server when you visited ...


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