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NBC and Microsoft Sever Their Professional Connection

NBC and Microsoft teamed up for several years to produce quality news for the masses, but according to NBC News yesterday morning, the partnership between Microsoft and NBC is officially over. Microsoft ...

New Symantec Software Update Crashes PCs

Symantec recently updated their antivirus software, and some computers are responding negatively to the upgrades. Some Windows-based computers are becoming completely inoperable after the update, and only a complete system wipe has ...

Fujifilm Sues Motorola Mobility Over Patent Infringement

Fujifilm is suing Motorola over allegedly infringing on several of its patents related to photography technology. Fujifilm filed the lawsuit last Tuesday in the Northern District of California after saying they attempted ...

Facebook Buys Spool for Their Five Employees

Facebook acquired Spool earlier this week. Spool is a small company based in San Francisco that specializes in mobile bookmarking. Spool was mostly about content consumption, and Facebook has been struggling with ...

Malware Discovered on Google Play

Researchers have recently found a malware program embedded in Google Play. The program avoided detection by Google’s automated scanning system by masquerading as a different game every day. The Trojan discovered, Android.Dropdialer, ...

HP’s Ultrabook Can’t Keep Up with New MacBook

HP’s new Ultrabook was designed with the MacBook in mind. A sleek, thin design and long battery life were included in the Ultrabook just because the MacBook Air was reportedly stepping up ...

Starting a New Business in the Best Possible Way

Starting a new business is not a walk in the park, especially since there are tons of factors to consider. Can you afford it? Does the world need you? Can you ...

450,000 Credentials Stolen and Posted from Yahoo

Hackers who recently stole nearly half a million pieces of information from Yahoo said they intended for the breach to be a “wake-up call” to companies that aren’t investing enough in security. ...

Revamp Details of Twitter’s Mobile Overhaul are Live

The project of revamping Twitter for mobile Web took hundreds of days of long work and longer nights. However, Twitter is proud to announce that they have finally completed the undertaking of ...

Verizon Considering “Editing” Customers’ Internet Access

Verizon is considering changing the way their customers view the Internet on any device on their network. Initially, the company plans on prioritizing search results. If the change goes over well with ...


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