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Toshiba Found Guilty of Price-Fixing LCD Televisions

Toshiba was found guilty of conspiring with vendors to keep LCD prices artificially high in the past week. The ruling makes Toshiba liable for an $87 million fine as ordered by the ...

Nexus 7 Tablet: Not a Huge Money Maker for Google

The Nexus 7 tablet is the first tablet that Google is branding by themselves, which has already stirred much interest and curiosity around the globe. Recently, the company announced that they will ...

Galaxy Nexus to Receive Software Patch to Avoid Ban

Just a few days ago, Samsung requested a delay on the ban of the Nexus in the US. The judge denied this claim, and within just a few hours, Google was already ...

Tablets Expected to Surpass Notebooks by 2016

By 2016, the iPad and other assorted tablets will have topped laptops in US sales, says research company NPD DisplaySearch. For now, laptops continue to dominate the market as the most used ...

RIM CEO States that All is Well

News of RIM’s demise has been widespread and active as of late. The blackberry maker has lost millions in sales because of the introduction of Android and Apple devices. Their shares have ...

More PCs than Macs Still Being Sold, but Margin is Closing

The amount of PCs sold compared to the amount of Macs has always been skewed towards PCs. In some of Microsoft’s better years, PCs hit a 55 to 1 ratio. However, all ...

In-App Advertising: $7 Billion Market by 2015

Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular, especially since the vast majority of them are free to download and use. Many companies are starting to take advantage of the advertising space ...

Apple Stores are Redesigning Genius Bars for Efficiency

Apple has big plans for their Apple Stores. The company is currently testing a new, sleek design for their Genius Bar helpdesks in several different states. Right now the desk runs parallel ...

New Windows 8 Phone Keyboard Oriented for One-Thumb Typing

Texting has historically been done with two thumbs, especially since smartphones came onto the market with large screens and no keyboards. However, that may all be about to change: WMPoweruser, a well-known ...

Smart Ways to Reward Your Excellent Employees

Rewarding your employees often implies “spending lots of money,” but that’s not always necessary. Sometimes employees like little things just as much as they like big things. When you need your ...


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