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Toshiba Excite Line Just Became More Exciting

Even though the iPad is still dominating the market of tablets, Toshiba is attempting to catch up with their new line of Tegra 3-based tablets. At its last launch, the Excite 10 ...

LinkedIn Passwords Stolen, Reports Say

LinkedIn has had a slew of security problems in the past few months, and yet another has just affected millions of users. A Russian forum user has claimed to have stolen and ...

Ecologically Friendly Business is the Future

Zero-waste doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing in your company is ever thrown away. Some trash simply can’t be broken down, and that’s inevitable. However, being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be complicated ...

Flame Virus Now Pretending to Be Windows Update

Flame, a virus that can infect just about any computer in existence, has a new face: that of Windows Update. Recently, the virus has gained some footing by tapping into Microsoft’s Terminal ...

Favorite Tablet of Future Tablet Buyers? The iPad

Many companies have tried to enter the tablet market in time for the summer and Christmas rushes, and the market is flooded with products from a dozen different companies. Despite the massive ...

Steps That Will Help You Optimize Profit

Maximizing profit is something every company wants to do, but it’s one of the more delicate operations in the world of business as well. One of the easiest ways to make more ...

Proxy Tool Designed to Bypass Censorship in Syria and Iran Now Spyware Victim

Simurgh, a proxy avoidance software used in Iran and Syria to get around censorship blocks, has reportedly been latched onto by a new Trojan. Proxy servers are commonly used to mask a ...

Energize Your Employees with Easy Motivation Tools

Some employees just do what they need to do, and they never seem to have a bad day. Since this kind of employee is fairly rare in the world of today, proper motivation to energize and spark your employees is ...

How to Encourage Forward Thinking in Your Employees

One of the best things about owning your own business is being able to find new and exciting ways to make some extra money. Not only can it be fun and interesting, ...

U.N. Threatening Censorship and Taxes on the Internet

The US is concerned that a discussion in the UN in December of last year is going to lead to a takeover and extreme censorship of the Internet. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia ...


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