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Android’s Chrome Browser Now Syncs with Gmail Accounts

Currently, when you install Chrome on any computer, you have the option of linking your Gmail account to access all of your bookmarks and history on any computer. Today, Google released an ...

Are You Ready for Unexpected Disasters?

The SBA has come out with some statistics, and they’re a little staggering. Over half of small businesses have no plan in place for when disaster strikes. This number isn’t even taking ...

Intel Windows 8 Tablet Scheduled for Retail in November

When the Windows 8 tablet was announced, there were some skeptical feelings about the release of such a tablet as early as the end of 2012. However, it seems that the tablet ...

Nvidia Registers Over 500 Wireless Patents

Nvidia and Intellectual Ventures are funds that buy and sell intellectual property. In the past two weeks, the companies have bought over 500 patents pertaining to 3G and 4G networking. Almost all ...

Picking the Right Name for Your Business

One of the first impressions people get from your business is the name. If it’s hard to pronounce or doesn’t convey the right feelings, a name can destroy your reputation before anyone ...

LinkedIn Finally Goes Mobile for Windows Phones

Even though LinkedIn’s website has long been mobile friendly, they’ve finally released a new mobile app meant just for phones – Windows Smartphones, to be exact. “We know professionals rely on their ...

HP’s New Lineup: Good Enough to Inspire Upgrades?

HP has finally come out with a new, inventive line of computers including Ultrabooks and Sleekbooks, as well as a new set of printers designed with the office environment in mind. The ...

Communicating Effectively with Your Employees

When communication breaks down between employer and employee, many problems can result. You always want to be able to communicate with one another about everything that has to get done. Effective communication ...

Mobile Twitter Undergoes Standardization

Twitter has long been for high-end mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. However, recently Twitter has undergone a complete revamp, and even people who don’t have fancy devices or live in ...

Cloud Computing: Why You Should Have It

It doesn’t matter if your business has been open forever or if you’re just beginning to make a profit. Cloud computing is useful to everyone and is so incredibly customizable that it’ll likely fit in your budget. In fact, being ...


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